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Larsen-Loc® Door Locking System
Larsen-Loc® Door Locking SystemLarsen-Loc® Door Locking SystemLarsen-Loc® Door Locking SystemLarsen-Loc® Door Locking SystemLarsen-Loc® Door Locking System
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Larsen-Loc® Door Locking System

Model Number:  Option LARSEN-LOC

In 1997, Larsen's was proud to present the industry with a truly innovative and contemporary approach to the option of equipping a cabinet door with a cylinder lock. The LARSEN-LOC®was the first system to provide the protection of a locked cabinet without requiring the breaking of glass to gain access to the fire extinguisher or other life safety contents. By specifying the LARSEN-LOC®, access to a locked cabinet became totally independent of the desired door style and glazing. Cabinet access for the first time no longer required destruction of the glazing.

Since there is no glass to break, the specification of LARSEN-LOC®has quickly replaced the traditional "Break Glass" door description. This steel cam lock-based design clearly has created a new industry standard. During an emergency, it permits opening of the cabinet door by pulling sharply on the handle. Yet the LARSEN-LOC®also is secure enough to deter the vandalism typically associated with standard pull handles. To specify a built-in cylinder lock system that genuinely optimizes protection and safety, designate the LARSEN-LOC®in combination with any desired door style and glazing option (see below for the options.) The Solid Door with LARSEN-LOC®also can be specified as an Institutional Door(emergency access only with a key) by deleting the pull handle and decal.


  • Specific instructions and uncomplicated design provide the best deterrent against tampering or unauthorized cabinet entry when compared to those systems that still require destruction of the glazing.
  • Factory applied lettering reads: "IN CASE OF FIRE ONLY - PULL FIRMLY ON HANDLE".
  • During an emergency, it saves critical seconds by eliminating the two stage process of first breaking the glass and then reaching into the cabinet around the broken glass to operate the locking mechanism.
  • Combines the option to lock the cabinet with the flexibility to specify whatever door style and glazing options are desired.
  • Eliminates the need for the traditional glass breaker bar - or even more importantly, if the breaker is missing, the dangerous use of substitutes such as hands, shoes, etc.
  • Eliminates the need for other unproven and expensive glass breaking methods currently on the market.
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