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Morris Group International Releases Season Two, Chapter Four:
Life in Miniature, Over the Decades

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – April 22, 2022

Morris Group International has released a new video in the ongoing series with Chief Executive Officer Donald E. Morris. In the Season 2, Chapter 4 video, Don dives deeper into the stories behind some of the miniature products made over the years.

The yearly tradition of making one of the company’s new products into a miniature dates back to 1969. The miniatures on the display wall represent only a small fraction of the products developed by Morris Group International each year. Don shares some of the stories behind a few key miniatures, demonstrating the innovative spirit that characterizes MGI.

In one vignette, Dondiscusseshow the company came together at the beginning of the pandemic. “It was one of our most innovative periods...we collaborated with sales and engineering and everybodyand we came up with a whole line of portable handwash products.” He notes that the company was able to move quickly on this product line. “We innovated them, designed them, manufactured them and shipped them all within 6-9 months. That’s the innovative spirit of Morris Group.”

To see and hear Don tell more stories behind the miniatures, watch the video above.

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