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Occult - Concealed Hinge Door Cabinets

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GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The Occult Series fire extinguisher cabinets features an attractive door and concealed hinge which combine to give the cabinet a clean, trimless appearance. When the door is closed, it completely covers the cabinet's flange, which is on the outside of the wall surface. The Occult design also is exclusively available with Larsen's hose and valve cabinets.

BOX SPECIFICATION: All units have a cold-rolled steel box with a 3/4 inch wide flange (Occult cabinets with the fire-rated option have a 1-1/2 inch wide flange and larger overall dimensions). The standard color is white but black is available, if specified.

DOOR SPECIFICATION: The Occult door is 5/8 inch thick and is available in the Solid or Vertical Duo style - each available with the optional Larsen-Loc®, which provides the protection of a locked cabinet without requiring the breaking of glass to gain emergency access to the cabinet. The concealed hinge is constructed of aluminum with a stainless steel pin and allows the door to open 180°. The standard door material is cold-rolled steel with white baked acrylic enamel, which can be used either as a finish or prime coat. Optional door materials include aluminum, stainless steel, solid brass, and solid bronze. The aluminum door has a satin anodized finish. Clear anodized is standard and a selection of optional color anodized finishes is available.  The standard stainless steel door is 304 stainless steel with #4 finish. Solid brass and solid bronze doors feature a standard satin finish with a clear protective coating. Optional polished finishes are available for the stainless steel, brass and solid bronze doors. All standard Occult doors are supplied with a satin finish pull handle with a self adjusting roller catch. If specified, the pull handle can be deleted. Larsen's optional die cast "FIRE" handle can be specified in lieu of the standard pull handle. Some of the more common Occult door styles are pictured; however the full selection of door styles is listed below.