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Fire Rated Products

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GENERAL DESCRIPTION:The FLAME-SHIELD® option is available for a variety of Larsen's fire extinguisher, fire department valve, fire hose and fire blanket cabinets. It is designed specifically to maintain the integrity of one and two hour fire walls with all Larsen's recessed and semi-recessed cabinets. Warnock-Hersey has certified and listed Larsen's FLAME-SHIELD® option for one and two hour combustible and non-combustible wall systems to meet requirements of UBC Standard 43-6 (ASTM E-814).

FLAME-SHIELD® option assures the specifier that life safety codes will be maintained and by eliminating the need to continue the fire wall within the rough opening, saves the installer considerable time and expense. Larsen's FLAME-SHIELD® option is appropriate for either new construction or renovation projects.

BOX SPECIFICATION: All boxes for Larsen's fire protection cabinets with the FLAME-SHIELD® option are constructed of cold-rolled steel with baked acrylic enamel finish. The space between the double walls is lined entirely with 5/8" thick fire barrier material.

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