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Fire Blanket Cabinets

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Larsen's fire blanket cabinets are all equipped with a 62" x 80" fire blanket fabricated of a rugged blend of reprocessed wool. These fire retardant blankets meet federal specification #CS-191-53. Larsen's fire blanket cabinets are available in the three following designs.

  • The FB 3612 Series is designed to not only store a blanket but a fire extinguisher up to 7 inches in diameter (less than 27 inch height is available for the extinguisher). 
  • FB 68-6 Series is a tall cabinet with the blanket being attached to a roller for quick access.  
  • The FB 1016 cabinet features the folded blanket always being visible through the viewing knockout on the front. The blanket is quickly available by releasing the hinged bottom of the cabinet.