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Fire Extinguishers and Brackets

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Fire Blanket Cabinets

Fire Hose and Valve Cabinets

Access Panels

Access Panels
L-APC 12x12L-APC 12x24L-APC 18x18L-APC 24x24L-APC 24x36L-APC SeriesL-CPA 08x08L-CPA 12x12L-CPA 12x24L-CPA 16x16L-CPA 18x18L-CPA 24x24L-CPA 24x36L-CPA SeriesL-DPH 12x12L-DPH 16x16L-DPH 18x18L-DPH 24x24L-DPH 24x36L-DPH 24x48L-DPH 36x36L-DPH 36x48L-DPH SeriesL-DPM 12x12L-DPM 16x16L-DPM 18x18L-DPM 24x24L-DPM 24x36L-DPM 34x36L-DPM SeriesL-DWC 08x08L-DWC 10x10L-DWC 12x12L-DWC 14x14L-DWC 16x16L-DWC 18x18L-DWC 22x22L-DWC 24x24L-DWC 24x36L-DWC 30x30L-DWC 36x36L-DWC SeriesL-DWR 08x08L-DWR 12x12L-DWR 12x24L-DWR 16x16L-DWR 18x18L-DWR 24x24L-DWR 24x36L-DWR SeriesL-FRAP 08x08L-FRAP 10x10L-FRAP 12x12L-FRAP 12x18L-FRAP 12x24L-FRAP 14x14L-FRAP 16x16L-FRAP 18x18L-FRAP 18x24L-FRAP 20x30L-FRAP 22x22L-FRAP 22x30L-FRAP 22x36L-FRAP 24x24L-FRAP 24x30L-FRAP 24x36L-FRAP 24x48L-FRAP 30x30L-FRAP 32x32L-FRAP 36x36L-FRAP 36x48L-FRAP 48x48L-FRAP SeriesL-FRAPSS 08x08L-FRAPSS 10x10L-FRAPSS 12x12L-FRAPSS 14x14L-FRAPSS 16x16L-FRAPSS 18x18L-FRAPSS 18x24L-FRAPSS 20x20L-FRAPSS 22x30L-FRAPSS 22x36L-FRAPSS 24x24L-FRAPSS 24x36L-FRAPSS SeriesL-LCP 08x08L-LCP 10x10L-LCP 12x12L-LCP 14x14L-LCP 18x18L-LCP 24x24L-LCP 24x36L-LCP 24x48L-LCP 30x30L-LCP 36x36L-LCP 36x48L-LCP SeriesL-MPG 06x06L-MPG 08x08L-MPG 08x12L-MPG 10x10L-MPG 12x12L-MPG 12x16L-MPG 12x18L-MPG 12x24L-MPG 14x14L-MPG 14x20L-MPG 14x24L-MPG 15x15L-MPG 16x16L-MPG 16x20L-MPG 16x24L-MPG 18x18L-MPG 18x24L-MPG 18x36L-MPG 20x20L-MPG 20x24L-MPG 20x30L-MPG 22x22L-MPG 22x30L-MPG 24x24L-MPG 24x30L-MPG 24x36L-MPG 24x48L-MPG 30x30L-MPG 30x36L-MPG 32x32L-MPG 36x36L-MPG 36x48L-MPG 48x48L-MPG SeriesL-MPSS 06x06L-MPSS 08x08L-MPSS 08x12L-MPSS 10x10L-MPSS 12x12L-MPSS 12x16L-MPSS 12x18L-MPSS 12x24L-MPSS 14x14L-MPSS 14x20L-MPSS 14x24L-MPSS 15x15L-MPSS 16x16L-MPSS 16x20L-MPSS 16x24L-MPSS 18x18L-MPSS 18x24L-MPSS 18x36L-MPSS 20x20L-MPSS 20x24L-MPSS 20x30L-MPSS 22x22L-MPSS 22x30L-MPSS 24x24L-MPSS 24x30L-MPSS 24x36L-MPSS 24x48L-MPSS 30x30L-MPSS 30x36L-MPSS 32x32L-MPSS 36x36L-MPSS 36x48L-MPSS 48x48L-MPSS SeriesL-PSW 08x08L-PSW 08x12L-PSW 10x10L-PSW 12x12L-PSW 12x16L-PSW 12x18L-PSW 12x24L-PSW 14x14L-PSW 16x16L-PSW 16x20L-PSW 18x18L-PSW 18x24L-PSW 20x24L-PSW 20x30L-PSW 24x24L-PSW 24x30L-PSW 24x36L-PSW 30x30L-PSW 36x36L-PSW SeriesL-XT 12x12L-XT 36x36L-XT Series

Marine, Industrial Fire Equipment

Detention Products