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Larsen’s Flame-Shield® Cabinets Maintain the Integrity of Fire-Rated Walls

Larsen’s Manufacturing offers a Flame-Shield® fire-rated option on many of the fire extinguisher cabinets, fire department valve cabinets, fire hose cabinets, and fire blanket cabinets.

FS SS 2712-RK Full Clear Acrylic Door
FS VCB 1818-RK Full Clear Acrylic Door
FS HCS 3030-R Full Clear Acrylic Door

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The Flame-Shield® fire-rated option is designed specifically to maintain the integrity of one and two hour fire walls with all Larsen's recessed and semi-recessed cabinets.


All boxes for cabinets with the Flame-Shield® fire-rated option have a double wall of cold-rolled steel with baked acrylic enamel finish. The space between the double walls is lined entirely with 5/8" thick fire barrier material. Cabinets with the Flame-Shield® fire-rated option can be used in new construction or renovation projects.

Warnock-Hersey has certified and listed Larsen's Flame-Shield® fire-rated option for one and two hour combustible and non-combustible wall systems to meet the requirements of UBC Standard 43-B (ASTM E-814).