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GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The Rota Series also offers the same practical features of 180 degree visibility of the fire extinguisher, but because of its unique revolving turntable door, it combines the ultimate in aesthetic considerations with the functional purpose of easy access to the extinguisher. Since the turntable revolves within the cabinet, there is no door to possibly obstruct the hallway.

BOX SPECIFICATION: Identical to the Architectural Series.

TRIM SPECIFICATION: Steel trims are one piece, constructed of cold-rolled steel with a standard finish of white baked acrylic enamel, which can be used as either a finish or prime coat. Aluminum trims are constructed of extruded aluminum with satin anodized finish. Clear anodized is standard, and a wide selection of color anodized finishes is available as options. All trim corners are mitered. To specify aluminum trim, use the prefix "AL" before the cabinet model number. Stainless steel trims are one piece, constructed of #4 finish, 304 stainless steel. To specify stainless steel trim, use the prefix "SS" before the cabinet model number.

DOOR SPECIFICATION: The Rota door is a frameless acrylic turntable, which pivots on two bearings. It is equipped with a satin finish pull handle and is secured by means of a magnetic catch. Clear acrylic is standard and red or bronze acrylic is available as an option, if specified.


  1. Use the appropriate prefix for the trim material.
    If steel - no prefix is required.
    If aluminum - use "AL".
    If stainless steel - use "SS".
  2. Select the required model number from the table below.
  3. Indicate the optional red acrylic turntable (clear is standard).
Rota Series Cabinet Rota Series wall installation and trim projections

Trim Style
Inside Box
H x W x D
Outside Trim
H x W*
H x W x D
  R-2409 Semi-Rec. 1½ 24 x 9½ x 5½ 27½ x 13 25 x 10½ x 4 MP2½,MP5,MP5-A,
FS R-2409 Semi-Rec. 1½ 24 x 9½ x 5½ 27½ x 13 261/8 x 115/8 x 5¼
  R-2409-SM Surface Mtd. 27½ x 13 x 5½ 27 x 13 --
  R-3012 Semi-Rec. 2½ 30 x 12 x 6½ 33¾ x 15¾ 31 x 13 x 4 PW2½,MP20,
FS R-3012 Semi-Rec. 2½ 30 x 12 x 6½ 33½ x 15½ 321/8 x 141/8 x 5¼
  R-3012-SM Surface Mtd. 33½ x 15½ x 6½ 33½ x 15½ --
* Deduct ¾" from H x W dimensions for cabinets with aluminum trim.
This does not apply to cabinets with "Flame-Shield" fire-rated option.
NOTE: "FS" models denote Larsen's "Flame-Shield" fire-rated cabinets. When specifying Larsen's "Flame-Shield" fire-rated cabinet option for the Rota Series, refer to the dimension chart on this page and select from the models with an "FS" prefix. Click for complete details of the "Flame-Shield" option.

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